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We are a global Venture Capital Fund seeking to partner and actively support high growth technology businesses seeking to transform the supply chain and logistics industry.

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Insights Paper: Building a sustainable, resilient supply chain

We are glad to share the second NEXST Insights paper – “Building a sustainable, resilient supply chain”, written in collaboration with GTRVentures!

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Supply Chain Visibility Webinar

Fellow Corporates and Start-ups, we would like to extend you an invitation to attend our upcoming Webinar on Supply Chain Visibility, co-hosted with LEVEL3 Singapore and moderated by Marc Dragon on 28 September at 2pm!

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Resilience and Sustainability – A Way Forward for Global Supply Chains

What does Sustainability mean for the Supply Chain & Logistics industry in 2020? How does having a resilient supply chain contribute to sustainable growth for companies and vice versa? In this article by Marc, issues regarding Sustainability and Resilience for supply chains are discussed. Furthermore, the industry landscape following the Covid-19 pandemic is also highlighted, calling for a way forward to better and more responsible supply chain initiatives. 

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