Our Interests

We invest in founders and companies that solve meaningful problems and have the potential to make a transformational impact in the Supply Chain and Logistics sector. We are focused on companies that develop and/or uniquely utilize Technology as a foundation or differentiating anchor for their respective business models. Our solution areas include, but are not limited to: Artificial Intelligence(AI)/Deep Tech, Digital Logistics and Trade Finance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Deep Tech

The implementation of AI & Deep Tech in Supply Chain and Logistics holds great potential for generating value and boosting efficiency in the sector. We are interested to partner with and support businesses involved in the forefront of AI / Deep Tech application to pave the way for revolutionary solutions.

Digital Logistics

Digital solutions in the Supply Chain and Logistics sector hold great capabilities to change the way companies interact with Supply Chain and Logistics. We recognise this potential and are keen to connect with businesses with visionary technologies to forge dynamic solutions for the sector.

Trade Finance

Trade Finance is one of the core, but often sidelined, component in the Supply Chain and Logistics sector. We believe that greater digitization and visibility in the Supply Chain and Logistics sector will exponentially drive new and innovative Trade Finance models and technologies. As such, we are interested in businesses that have the potential to ride on this wave.