Our Portfolio

We have invested in these exceptional founders and companies, and are supporting them to make a transformational impact in the Supply Chain & Logistics industry.


Prowler’s platform is designed to ensure business decisions are powered by people, empowered by AI. Their solution can be applied to a vast number of verticals, including Supply Chain & Logistics, Finance, Autonomous Machines, Smart City infrastructure, etc.

Since launching in 2016, this Cambridge-based startup has developed an AI decision-making platform called VUKU, based on a combination of probabilistic modelling, reinforcement learning and Gaussian Processes designed to offer autonomous, adaptive and data-efficient decision making, while controlling the risk associated with the forecasting inaccuracy.


Previse is an AI-powered B2B financing platform which analyses invoice data from corporate buyers to quantify likelihood of invoice settlement and score dilution risk. Supported by its partnership with Lloyd’s to provide insurance for pre-approval invoices, Previse enables the market to fund deeper and earlier in the supply chain.

The algorithms predict the very few invoices which need intervention, enabling the rest to be paid instantly. With Previse’s InstantPay technology, large corporate buyers can have their SME suppliers paid by third-party financiers on the day an invoice is received without having to give a cumbersome, formal payment undertaking.